The Teacher of Cheops, Albert Salvado

It strikes me that we are not living our best lives in this great city, in this life. It’s like an experiment to see how well we have been trained. Like a mouse (why are we so preferentially cruel to mice I wonder…) or a dog that has been taught helplessness, and now we don’t even look for the lever anymore. Just keeping to our boxes, following draining patterns.

I do love all of our colours though. The noise, the cacaphony of sound and emotion. By no means perfect, but a thread running through, keeping us together despite, or perhaps because of our differences.

This book made me travel back to the world of pyramids, wondering how the world must have looked when the great pyramids were being raised to give a direct route to the Egyption gods to the newest son of Ra, the Pharao. All those thousands of people swarmig for the ambition of their leader, and for the home that they too will get a ride to the heavens.

I loved it. It taught me nothing of Andorra, but I can definitely use a little of the ancient wisdom it carries.

For a taster, here’s the first of the basic principles of knowledge.

Everything is mental. The universe is mental. Everything we know is planned by an unknowable spirit. That spirit is the law.

Happy Reading Everyone 🙂

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